Dangers of Social Networks

Could Social Networks be the First Step to Totaliatarianism?

Media and Media Literate

Media can mean a variety of things to many different people. Ultimately it all falls under one category which can be considered informative/personal communication. When I hear the word media, I think of: Twitter, Instagram, KIK Messanger, Vine, Youtube, and so on. These are social networks I use on an everyday basis. Over the years media has became a lifestyle for many people, I would even say it became a lifestyle for a majority of people. I personally believe in order to be “Media Literate” one must be aware of the social networks that being used today and keeping up with information. The news is a perfect example. The news people (Journalist) goes out of their way to go around the world to gather important information that might be of people interest. If a major crime has been committed, the news would be the first place people turn to in order to gather information on the criminal act. I also believe for a person to be “Media Literate”, they need to be able to go out and find different ways to get information or communicate with each other. A person cannot rely on Facebook alone to keep up with their friends. This is when other social networks come along such as Instagram, Twitter, and KIK. If you are able to reach out to a person or gather information in numerous of ways with different networks, then one is truly “Media Literate”. I also believe that the average person, nowadays, has some formed literacy in media due to the fact how technology is widely available to everyone.

AXE PEACE | Make Love, Not War (Official :60)

Axe "Make Love, Not War"

In the commercial “Axe Peace” (2014), nationally known as a concealing odor, proposes the concept of “Make love, Not war” that encourages us all to unite unite as one, for we all have a common thing, which is love, not war. Axe illuminates the ongoing warfare of our world between many nations as completely unnecessary, and portrays a product we all share to find a highly recognizable common ground. Using examples from the war in Afghanistan, to even the troublesome ruler of North Korea, Axe is trying to bring light to much darkness in the world. Axes’ primary audience is to those individuals that are pro warfare to show dominance in today’s society, showing them that there is more to life then fighting to prove a point.

Who is really running the Marijuana Industry?

Andre Harris, Reporter Tues Mar 10, 2014

OAKLAND – A dope dealer was placed in a documentary after police allegedly found $2 million, in Marijuana money, stowed away in an immobilized car that had no locks when the dealer called to report a missing car while under the influence of THC, police said Tuesday.

The sheriff department found the immobilized car, after driving 2 miles, parked in their impound lot with Chief (Billy Henson) laughing historically 2 feet away from the car with the money hidden inside it.

“Billy was an honorable man noble of his strength to protect the residents of Oakland California. Billy had straight A’s in high school and the police academy, has a family of 4 who dearly loves him, and is the kind of guy that fights to get drugs off the streets. He and the DEA have shut down many multi million dollar drug organizations” said the leader of the department.

Gorilla zoe - LOST. (Official video)


The song “Lost” by Gorilla Zoe has a unique relationship with the 1984 text by George Orwell. Winston was faced with countless questions within himself about big brother and why the party exercises such absolute power in Oceania. His goal was to find a way to break out of big brother’s control and find the golden city by first being rebellious. He took on a risky relationship with a girl he was attracted to which was dangerous due to the fact he could get caught and then vaporized. Winston and his significant other Julia, who is Winston’s lover and the only person who Winston can be sure hates big brother and wishes to rebel against him as he does, eventually becomes lost in the world just like everyone else who is completely obliviously in the world they are living. Gorilla Zoe says

“I'm lost on a road
Don't know which way to go
I'm losing my mind
Losing control of the wheel
And I'm swerving
On and off the road
I'm lost on a road
But survival is a must
Don't know who I can trust
I'm living in a rush
I don't understand the fuss
My brain is bout to bust”.

Winston and Julia truly had no one who they could trust but themselves but they have failed to realize that because of the rush they were living in. However when Winston finally got captured by the thought police and was tortured with rats. They had successfully made his brain bust by making 2+2=5. Meaning Winston Smith has also become lost in Oceania like everyone else.


Throughout the course of media literacy, various forms of information have been presented to me. I have become a truly “Media Literate” individual. I have been enlightened on the issue that comes with social networks in the present time. These networks are slowly taking away our rights we have as individuals. From the moment a person agrees to the terms and conditions when signing up to a social network such as Facebook, Instagram etc. they could of agreed to sign away their life and have no clue. We don’t have a choice weather or not to agree with the terms and conditions which is crazy because we would have no access to the network if we didn’t. I would have not been able to have a deeper mindset about what it truly means to be “Media Literate”, if I had never went around and accumulate information from various resources. I’ve had a great learning experience in this class that ranges from utopian societies and how we see social networks as a whole. A few weeks into this semester I realized that American news stations present useless information to us. As a nation we have no idea what is taking place in foreign countries. From now on I will be reading more and not rely on fox news and Diane Sawyer for my world news. This language arts class really changed my outlook on the subject of “Language Arts”. This class was really different than many other language arts classes because we were not book orientated. The information presented to us is the things we could connect to and also have an effect on our daily lives. I was abnormally looking forward to learning new things about social networks and being able to voice my opinion. If there were things that we could have done to make the class even better would be not having any work to do outside of class. This is just me being silly, that defeats the whole purpose of the course. I don’t think anything could make this class better than it already is.