Newsletter Week One Term Four

St Claudine Thevenet 22 October 2021

A Word from the Principal

Dear Parents,

Welcome to our final term. This is usually a very busy term but with Alert Levels it may be a little quieter. Whilst we may not yet be able to gather as a community we are committed to providing engaging activities for our students.

Week three is our assessment week and we are working hard to prepare our students for success. This has been our second year of disruption and we are aware that this is causing some stress to our families and families all over New Zealand - Particularly Tamaki Makaurau

(Auckland) and the Waikato. We continue to keep these people in our prayers as they battle the Delta virus in their areas.

Last Sunday I was delighted to be able to attend Mass in person after 8 long weeks. Whilst it was a little strange I felt a real sense of comfort being back in my church in person. It was nice to experience the sense of community although distanced. I found some time for prayer, reflection and an opportunity to receive the eucharist. Sometimes we don't understand how much we miss something until we can experience it once again. I was able to pray for our school whanau and our wider community.

Our theme for the next two weeks is "Consideration". We are all called to think of others and offer help when it is needed. " Let everyone see that you are considerate in all you do" Philippians 4:5

We often remind our students to think of others and take into consideration how their words or actions may affect others. We also want our students to think about how life is for another person- what challenges they may face- what difficulties they have in their daily life- what gifts another person brings to the classroom- to share and celebrate each other. It has been particularly pleasing to see our senior students look out for the younger and newer members of our community. There are many great role models who display consideration in their daily interactions with others.

Our theme for the terms is:

Go light your world:- I am called to be a light to the world.

These are the Enduring Understandings we are focused on this term:

  • We understand that each person is needed and has a unique hikoi wairua which is precious to God
  • We understand and appreciate that we are all wonderful in different ways and our loving God has gifted us different abilities that we can grow.

  • We understand that people want to share their Catholic faith with others and we can explore how people continue to share their faith today.

Each whānau group is planning activities that enable our students to shine a light in the world of others- I am looking forward to seeing the creative ways our students come up with to do this... We will keep you posted on the wonderful activities they develop.

This week you can read about the exciting things happening in the Rata Whānau

Have a lovely long weekend

Sue Jury


Rata Whānau Outdoor Classroom

Rata whanau have been taking advantage of the beautiful weather that comes with term 4 and getting out into our outdoor classroom daily. Tamariki have been exploring a range of learning opportunities. Here are some of the opportunities we have explored in our outdoor classroom this week …

  • weight and capacity using the water tray and the sandpit
  • practising our fine motor and scissor skills by getting crafty – making word crowns, bracelets and necklaces
  • developing our number knowledge and addition strategies through dice games and dominoes
  • exploring music and sounds in our environment
  • creating chalk art
  • creating our own menus for dramatic play
  • building our word and letter sounds knowledge using different resources – ping pong balls, magnetic letters, and word building games
  • using blocks and legos to create
  • comparing the heights of dinosaurs and exploring different units of measurement
  • working on our resilience and social skills when working together and problem solving

A major highlight for many of our students was watching, talking and drawing pictures of the construction site through the fence. This week there has been an excavator, a dump truck and even a concrete mixer! The crew have all been working hard to plant some beautiful plants on the other side of our fence. Every day our tamariki ask – is it time to go over to see the old folks? Have the builders finished our path yet? We are hoping that one day soon we will be able to visit and share with the residents.

Connected Learning

It is lovely to see the students so excited to be back at school. As part of our Connected curriculum this term we are starting to introduce our Term 4 focus -

Illuminate- Go light your world - I am called to be a light to the world.

We will be looking at how we can grow our faith (head), share our faith (heart) and serve others (hands) by shining a light on them. We have been decorating the symbols of head, heart and hands to help us to understand and remember these concepts.

Students have been talking about what they would like to learn and make and how they would like to share this with others. Lots of opportunities will be provided for the students to design, make and create so it will be awesome to see what they share with each other, their whanau and our community as they go and light their world.


Consideration is the theme that we are focusing on for the next two weeks. Rata Whanau students understand that consideration is all about thoughtfulness towards others, and thinking about how other people feel. In Rata Tahi, we have been talking about what we do to show consideration to others in our school, at home, and in our wider community. Here are a few of the things the tamariki had to say:

“I clean up our classroom to help make everyone happy. We all like it when it is tidy.” – Aurora

“I clean up my mess before I leave the table so it’s ready for the next person to use.” –Ngamelia

“I give presents to people when they’re sad to make them happy.”- Tanush

“When people are hurt I help them and check if they are okay.”- Heaven-Leigh

“If I think someone looks sad, I ask them if they want to play with me.”-Raavi

“I play with everyone in my classroom. When new people come I welcome them.”- Shaanika

“I play with my friends outside and I help them when they’re hurt by taking them to the office.” -Aliyah

“We are gentle when we look after our friends. We ask them if they are feeling okay.”- Adin

Upcoming Events

  • Shake Out Day ( Earthquake Practice) 28 October 9.30am
  • Assessment Week 1 November- 4 November
  • All Saints Day - 1 November
  • All Souls Day - 2 November

Reporting an Absence

If your child is sick or will be away from school for any reason, please inform the office before 9am on the day if possible. There are several ways to do this:

School App


phone: 04 9399189

Water Bottle

A reminder that we have no water fountains available for students during level 2.

A large water bottle is a necessity.

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Summer Uniform

As the warmer weather is upon us, it is time to introduce a hat to our uniform. These are available from the school office for $14.00 and can be ordered online through our school website.