Mr. Malignant Macaw!

Now open for counseling 7 days a week!

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Mr. Macaw is the best bad mentor that you will ever find! He is proven to work on 100% of his clients! With his spiky beak and claws, he's sure to scare all of the good out of your soul!! Mr. Macaw is more effective, to help you get on with your life!


Are you tired of being the happiest person out there? Have you ever wanted to be that person that feels the rush of energy from doing something bad? Well forget about all of those good things that you've done and turn yourself into that non-innocuous person that you truly can be by getting a little therapy from Mr. Malignant Macaw!


If you try and compare mal- to the prefix pro-, you'll find that no one that goes to The Protagonist Penguin, a positive influence on his clients, will NEVER have as many friends as the animals that go to Mr. Macaw! Protagonists never do anything exciting in their lives! They're always trying to stay out of trouble! But Mr. Macaw will show you that there's more to life than being perfect!


Mrs. Kind Kangaroo came to Mr. Macaw because he was going to be her last hope! She had tried everything but still nobody would be her friend because she was scared of doing anything wrong! After only 2 sessions with the malignancy master, kind kangaroo was able to do bad things without second guessing herself and soon became the most popular animal at the zoo!!

Would would want it?

Purchase sessions with Mr. Malignant Macaw if you don't want to be the only person you know without a rebel status! No one wants to be friends with a goody two shoes! Hurry and get there quick before your brain turns into a malfunctioned mess where you find yourself doing nice things because it makes you feel good! No one should EVER have to live that way! Change your life COMPLETELY with help from Mr. Malignant Macaw the mentor!