Heritage Middle School 2.0

By: Jamie F. Brooke c. Nathan A. Liam O.

Mission Statement

Heritage Middle School is a large and friendly community that ensures safe and fun learning. Our school is a comfortable, hands on environment that encourages creativity, individualism, and problem solving skills by providing a social and family-inspired atmosphere. We incorporate traditions in our daily lives to expose our students to culture. At Heritage, we welcome all.

Top ten reason to come to our school

1. Comfortable because we provide comfy chairs for the students to sit on.

2. Hands on because we do a lot of projects that are hands on.

3. Friendly because teachers get along with the students with help them learn with someone they know and trust.

4. Safe because we want our students to feel like their safe at school so we help them build a bound with their teachers that makes them feel safe around them.

5. Fun because we want our students to have fun so they work with one another and they can goof off but only if they are getting their work done.

6. Family inspired because we inspire our student to get their teachers in on what we are doing in class.

7. Traditions one of our traditions is that once every month every student research's a place and does a report on so that they know more about different places.

8. Individualism we inspire the kids to work by them selves because as they are working by them selves it is preparing them for the future when they don't get to work with other people as much as they do now.

9. Creativity we want our students to be creative because we like to see the more creative side of them and what they can really do.

10. one-on-one because we feel like when we are working as a group they aren't learning what they need to know and they are learning the one big thing that class needs to work on so by one-on-one with them they are learning what they need to know over that unit that we are in.

Heritage Middle School

Friday, April 8th, 7:45-8:45am

600 W Kansas St, Liberty, MO 64068

You will see a lot of other people trying to get people to come to their schools to so choose wisely for what shcool your going to pick.