By: Fatima Villalba Piriod #3

What is P.E.?

P.E. is a physical activity that makes you healthy and strong it is also fun to! an example is sports like football, softball/baseball, volleyball and any other sport you like or know. sometimes it can be games like tag

7th Grade Girls Volleyball Game

Expectations(code of conduct)

People MUST be treated equally, be ready and on time, and follow the rules at ALL TIME!!!!!!!

These are some pictures of volleyball and basketball

I hope you enjoy PRE-SPORTS!:)

Dress out, Lockers,Grading, and Health Days!:)

When you dress out you wear BLUE shorts and gray t-shirts. You CAN NOT share lockers .The grading is to ALLWAYS try you best so you guys can make it to the team!!! Health day is every Friday when you get to learn about your body!:)

How to fit in

You have to try your best , do what you have to do ,listen to your coach and you will have a good time.GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!