Friday Coach Note

April 8, 2016

Happy Spring!

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*Week One of our Spring Testing done!

Thanks for your patience with interruption of schedules, etc. Reminder, Mrs. Gonzales and Mrs. Haynes will continue to have intervention groups unless they are testing students with accommodations. Mrs. Garner and Mrs. Tyler will continue with interventions next week. They will not have interventions April 18-22, and April 25-29.

*K-2 Teachers please return your RED CORE Binders to Mrs. Garner we will be doing the "Spring" testing column for you!

*I will be have your updated lists of AR Points for Imagine Learning and Read Naturally next week. April 13 is the cut off date. Encourage your students to AR test! Remind your Read Naturally and Imagine Learning students to come to the morning sessions to earn AR points!

*Please look for your Parent Teacher sign-in sheets in your boxes next week. Be sure to check the box for all translations. Good luck with your conferences! Be sure to jot a note or two on the I-plans for each of your Rti students. I've entered the date at the bottom. This is important, as it is our parent information notification piece of our Rti process.

*Free to the public, Reading Specialist, Shantal Thaxton will be presenting at the Burley Library on Friday, April 8, 2016

5:30-6:30 Dyslexia

7:00-8:00 Struggling Readers

Planting Seeds

Have you ever considered that our job as educators is simply one of "planting seeds?" And with that planting comes the nurturing and cultivating, weeding and pruning. We may not ever see the fruits of our labors, but we've got the most important job of the harvest because if the seeds don't get planted there will be no yield.

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit." ~~~Nelson Henderson

PLANTING SEEDS: A Song to Live By | Empty Hands Music | nimo feat. daniel nahmod

Attention Please! (Ideas from Teacher Pop!)

With spring fever reaching a high note, your students are likely bouncing off the walls. It’s a great time to revisit some tried-and-true techniques for getting your students’ attention during transitions or when things get rowdy, like after lunch or recess.

Check out these 11 ways to grab and keep your students’ attention.

1. Keep a list of songs or raps handy that you can sing to help with transitions.

2. Play I Spy. Say something like, “I spy with my little eye someone with a red shirt who is listening.”

3. Clap a pattern and have the students clap it back to you.

4. Play “Simon Says” except “Teacher Says.” Teacher says, “Put your hands on your shoulders.” Teacher says, “Put your hands on your knees.”

5. Ring a bell.

6. Turn off the lights. It’s an easy way to get attention without using words.

7. Count backwards from 20 to motivate kids to get lined up or ready quickly for the next activity.

8. To shake things up, ask your student to go to their desks as quietly as a butterfly or bumblebee. Using any animal that moves quietly can work.

9. Have one student model how to get started with an activity so students know exactly what to do next.

10. Ask kids to line up by saying, “Anyone who has shoelaces can line up; anyone with Velcro on their shoes can line up; etc.” You can also use colors or the letters in their names to do this transition.

11. Spend time practicing these different techniques to see how fast the students can react and give you their attention. This practice will have huge payoffs as the year progresses.

Minidoka's Teacher and Employee of the Year Banquet!

Congratulations! Thanks to these lovely ladies for representing our school so well this year! Here are some highlights from the banquet on Wednesday. Thanks Steph and Kim for all you do for our Acequia Eagles! You are such important members of the team!