Effects of Bullying

By: Naiya Lynch

I wonder why people bully? Is it because they have been bullied and they are trying to get rid of their pain or is it because they're just plain rude. I just don't know.


Don't give a bully a chance. As much as you can avoid the bully. You can't go into hiding or skip classes, of course. Bullying bothers everyone- and not just the kids who are getting picked on. Bullying can make school a place of fear that can lead to more violence and stress for everyone.


Do you want to know why people take bullying seriously. People take bullying seriously because they're either trying to prevent kids from committing suicide and no parent wants their child to suffer day in and out in the hands of someone who takes pleasure in hurting others, or they're trying to be smart about what their sons/daughters do to themselves or to others.

The answer to the question above about why people bully is because of their frustrations, their pain, their anger,difficulty at home of school, and also lack of attention.