October Mourning

Lesléa Newman


October mourning is about this young college boy who is very innocent and only 21 years old . Everybody knows that he is homosexual. in the first chapter he was in a bar just minding his own business and he didn't know he was being watched by a group of guys. They decided to go up to him and asked if he wanted to" take a ride" with them. But he didn't know that he was about to get killed by those guys. They are some heartless men they killed him just because he is homosexual. No matter what you like you shouldn't be treated a different way at all. The main character of the book would be Matthew Shepard. They also made a song about him after he got murder from some cold hearted men. He was a very sweet boy , he got along with everybody and he didn't deserve what happened to him. he was loved by everybody who knew him. There were a whole lot of nasty things that was said about a boy who wouldn't do no harm to nobody he was just gay and certain people judged him and didn't like him because of that. The beginning of the book i really didn't like it because all the stuff that was said about him and how it started off like that. That book mad me very sad and mad, image what his parents was going through patiently waiting and waiting on their son to get home from the bar that he was at but he never did come home. i know when they got the phone call saying that their son was no longer living devastated them .The guy who killed Matthew has life in prison which is a very good thing. the guy who is in prison had people that looked up to him but now they are looking down at him because people like him deserve to be put in prison. Matthew and no other person who is homosexual shouldn't be treated a different way. The book was very interesting but then again i kind of didn't like certain parts of the book. my favorite part of the book was at the end where everybody came out and supported Matthew . people didn't judge him made there way to give me respect and show love. My least part of the book was the beginning when he was about to get murder by those horrible men. you can't alway judge people for who they're.

Lyric Gomez

October Mourning: A Song for Matthew Shepard

About My Author

Lesléa Newman, born in 1955 in Brooklyn, New York, is an American author and editor. She is Jewish, a feminist and lesbian. She has written and edited 57 books and anthologies.