Las Semillitas Preschool


Somos un grupo de familias bilingües que trabajamos juntos para crear un preescolar único. Las familias están involucradas en todo, desde la administración de la escuela hasta compartir tiempo en el salón de clases con la maestra. Nuestra escuelita busca mantener y reforzar el español de nuestros hijos e hijas y construir relaciones de amistad, familia, cultura, y comunidad.

We are a group of bilingual families working together to create a unique preschool. Parents are involved in everything from school administration to sharing time in the classroom with the lead teacher. Our preschool aims to maintain and reinforce our children's Spanish home language and build strong relationships with their peers, family, culture, and community.


Las Semillitas is a parent-run cooperative located in downtown Alameda. Our small class of 15 preschoolers, led by our excellent and experienced bilingual Montessori teacher, is designed to offer a multi-sensory learning environment that allows for individual growth and a strong school community.

SCHEDULE: 9 am - 1:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Early care beginning at 8 am and extended care until 5:30 pm are available. The 2014-2015 school year begins in August 2014, and is year-round, with a two-week winter break and a two-week summer break in August.

AGE REQUIREMENT: 2.5 - 5 years old.

LANGUAGE REQUIREMENT: Children must speak Spanish as one of their primary home languages.

FAMILY PARTICIPATION: Families must be available to dedicate an average of 5 hours per week to the school, including shifts in the classroom on a rotating schedule (every 2-3 weeks), monthly general co-op meetings, and a “family job” that supports the school's daily operations and administration.


Families interested in applying to Las Semillitas for the 2014-2015 school year are invited to join us for a school tour to learn more about our preschool.

During this visit, prospective families will be able to observe class, tour the school with the parent on shift, hear more about our school curriculum, and meet briefly with our lead teacher.

Email to schedule a tour today.

Please note that school tours are for parents only. A subsequent parent/child visit will be scheduled for families who decide to submit an application for enrollment.

Las Semillitas Preschool

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