Camp kids

A camp were you can be yourself!!

Our camp is safe for your kids and they can have lots of fun!!!

Our camp offers your kids to be safe and have fun during the summer, while they meet kids like them. We will play lots of games and get to know each other better. We will have different activities each day, So come and join Camp Kids!

What Things To Bring To Summer Camp

Clothes (lots off them)
Hair ties ect..
Sleeping bag and pillow
A book (if you read a lot then take quite a few)
Suncream and sunglasses if you are going somewhere hot.
Bug spray
Tooth brush and tooth paste

Some things that we do to help your children!

What our camp is about

Our camp will help your child become a better person and, they will learn to live with the disability of Cerebral palsy. They will meet many kinds of kids just like them. Our camp will begin from June 12 at 9:20 A.M. and close on July 15th at 8:00 P.M.

Our camp has many kinds of diffrent activites that we will do evey day. Here are some of the games that we will do, Group time, Castle laser tag, Bowling, Swimming, Gold rush and many more...

  • Full Day: $428 General Admission; $370 Members
  • Half Day: $243 General Admission; $185 Members
  • 5 Day Camp: $600 General Admission; $132 Members
  • Our Daily Schedule

    Monday: 9:20-9:55 Group time

    10:05-12:55 Bowling

    1:05-3:10 Swimming

    3:15-4:25 Wheels skating

    4:30-5:30 Parent pick up

    Tuesday: 9:20-9:55 Group time

    10:05-12:55 Castle laser tag

    1:05-3:10 Park walking

    3:15-4:25 Bowling

    4:30-5:30 Parent pick up

    Wednesday: 9:20-9:55 Group time

    10:05-12:55 Spy museum

    1:05-3:10 Swimming

    3:15-4:25 Gold rush

    4:30-5:30 Parent pick up

    Thursday: 9:20-9:55 Group time

    10:05-12:55 Arts and crafts

    1:05-3:10 Gold rush

    3:15-4:25 Bowling

    4:30-5:30 Parent pick up

    Friday:9:20-10:00 Group time

    10:05-10:50 Bowling

    11:00-11:50 Swimming

    12:00-1:10 arts and crafts

    1:20-2:00 Gold rush

    2:10-3:00 wheel skating

    3:10-4:00 Spy museum

    4:10-5:00 park walking

    5:10-7:00 Bonefire and smores

    7:10-8:00 Parent pick up