Alexander the Great

The Amazing life of

Alexanders early life

Alex hero as a child was his father Phillip II. When he was 14 years old he was able to tame a stllion that even threw his father off this showed his later leadership in life. His father Phillip II sadly died before any conquring could occure before his daughters wedding . This made Alexander maybe 20 or 21 being really young as king.

Rebellion vs. Alexander The Great who will win ?

When Alex became king he first showed his power by eniliating th rebals that tried to take over afte Phillip II died. He was able to get them by Thebes when they started the rebellion he tried to ask for peace but the rebillin refused so he destroyed them taking Greece.

Welcome to Egypt Alexander the Great

when Alexander the great conqured Egypt he was more like welcomed in the front door. when Alexander went to conquered he was welcomed in as if he was meant to come. in egypt he was seen as a liberater and was called the son of amun later called son of zeus-ammon as his true father.

Hellenistic culture

the definition of hellenistic culture was basicly what Alexander the Great left behind after his death it was a culture of philosophy literature and art the four main cultures were that of india, persia , greece and egypt. Alexander achived this by marring off his people to others of his people therefor intertining cultures.

why Alexander the great was enthralled with hellenistic culture

Alexander the great was so into hellenistic culture because it made controlling the people so much more easier if he could combine all their cultures he would not have to worry about any of them picking fights with each other. here is a picture of all the nations involved in the hellenistic culture mash-up