DartmouthX Update

December 22, 2015

This online newsletter is one of a series of regular updates to keep you informed about what's going on with the DartmouthX project. The newsletter is produced by the project team - we hope you find it helpful! More information about DartmouthX is on the DartmouthX website and the Making-DartmouthX blog.

Update: Round 2 Courses

The DartmouthX Round 2 courses have been selected and will be officially announced in January. Stay tuned!

DartmouthX Courses, Teams and Activities

Introduction to Italian Opera (complete)

Here's the final report on the OperaX course, which describes the approaches, innovations and outcomes of the course - the student comments at the end of the report are especially interesting. Kudos to the course team for a MOOC well done!

OperaX Course Team:
  • Steve Swayne (Course Faculty)
  • Adam Nemeroff (Instructional Designer)
  • Dan Maxell Crosby (Media Producer)
  • Sawyer Broadley (Media Producer)
  • Pat Fisken (Subject Librarian)
  • Memory Apata (Course TA)
  • Min Ji Kwon (Course TA)
  • Stylianos Tegas (Course TA)

The American Renaissance (February 16, 2016)

In preparation for the mid-February launch of the AmRenX MOOC, the course team has been focusing on video post-production, identifying course resources, and creating course materials.

The team has also developed a special course website to provide additional content for students in advance of the course. It contains the course reading list, an article by Jed Dobson on "ways of reading," and a link to research resources, supported by Digital Humanities and English Librarian, Laura Braunstein. Jed has also written a nice piece for students about "Christmas During the American Renaissance."

We're looking forward to this course launch!

ENGLx Course Team:
  • Don Pease (Course Faculty)
  • Jed Dobson (Course Faculty)
  • Mike Goudzwaard (Instructional Designer)
  • Erin DeSilva (Instructional Designer)
  • Mike Murray (Media Producer)
  • Sawyer Broadley (Media Producer)
  • Laura Braunstein (Subject Librarian)
  • Alan Cattier (Alumni Advisor)
  • Memory Apata Brady (Community TA)