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Join us on the Hunt's-men Platform

The Hunt's-men party and its supporters want the government to issue less money and pull back on its governing of our nation. The people should have a voice in our governments rulings, yet letting the government maintain and protect basic values.

Church & State

The separation between church and state is the space between the relationships of organized religion and the nations state. The issue has caused strife for decades. The people of the United States feel as though religion being apart of our government system will cause citizens to be obligated to practice that religion. Yet, others argue that although the government would have one religious head, U.S. citizens still have the right to their first amendment and can practice any religion they wish or even no religion at all. Today, citizens are given the option to participate in prayers or any other religious activity or to sit in silence. This controversy continues as the pros and cons outweigh each other. Yet, I shall try to put an end to this strife.

Balancing the scale

I stand strongly for church and state to become closer in relation. The constitution states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise there of". Such a statement was not made to reprimand religious intercourse with the government. The statement was written because of the troubling encounters with the British rule and its main purpose of respecting BOTH state and church as an equal power. Therefore, the interaction between the two should be mended, yet on particular issues the two do not need to conference.

One problem seems to hit home for me is the fact that citizens are voicing their opinion on how they do not practice a religion or such religion that the government chooses therefore there should be a separation, that having the two become equals will infringe upon their first amendment right. How can they claim such an act when these citizens are then infringing upon religious believers forcing American citizens to not be allowed to voice their religious beliefs in public places such as schools and such functions. There is a true infringement. The church respects the men and women who choose to not participate, allowing them to sit out.

Both Church and State should be held as equals. The church will add several morals to their true height while respecting citizens first amendment allowing them to practice any religion or to not at all.