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My Ancient History

Ancient Judaism

Fact 1: Judaism is the first religion to worship one god, developed among the ancient Israelite's.

Fact 2: Moses was the greatest leader of the Israelite's, he told them God would lead them to the "The Promise Land"

Fact 3: Abraham was called The Father of the Jews because according to the Bible, it was he that introduced this belief to the Israelite's.

Section 2: The Torah contains written records and teachings of the Jews, and 613 commandments that direct moral and religious conduct. Moses led the Israelite's out of Egypt after a famine forced them out of Canaan in the 1800 B.C.E.

Section 3: King David established Jerusalem as a holy city and the capital of Israel. King Solomon is King David's son and he built Jerusalem's great first temple

Section 4: According to the Torah, the faith that would become Judaism began with a sacred agreement, or covenant, between God and Abraham. When Abraham was 100 and his wife 90, God gave them named Isaac.

Section 5: The Torah says the Israelite's increased in number and became powerful which made the pharaoh of Egypt turn them into slaves. Every time the pharaoh refused to free the Israelite's, God punished Egypt with 10 terrible plagues until the pharaoh finally gave in.

Section 6: According to the Hebrew bible, the Philistines promised to be the Israelite's slaves if any of their soldiers could defeat their fiercest warrior Goliath. Goliath was a giant always making a mockery of God. David was young but he defeated Goliath with just his sling shot.

Question 1: How did the Israelite's became slaves to the Egyptians?