Social Worker

Jennifer Diaz

Career Description

Social workers help any teen, young adult including elderly people cope with their everyday problems and or how to deal certain situations that they are not able to control. A social worker deals with a persons emotions mentally and physically.

Duties and Responsibilities

Dealing with people of different ages and helping them through their everyday situations that they might not be able to control or express themselves about is what a social worker does. She puts her emotions aside and tries to understand and help the person whom she is helping reasonable advice.

Education Requirements

In order to succeed as a social worker you need a need a bachelors degree in social work, clinical social workers must have a masters degree and two years of post master experience. Clinical social workers must also be licence in the state of which they practice.

Job Outlook

The outlook of this job is for social workers to grow a 19% from 2012 to 2022. The employment of this will increase by a health department. This generation is increasing the way kids develop mentally physically and find other things to put their minds in instead of asking or looking for help causing them to fall in severe conditions. We need social workers the way we need oxygen to help us breath.

Salary's and Work Environments

As a social worker you get payed $21.25 an hour which is around 44,220 a year. As a social worker you are employed in different settings such as Mental hospitals, schools, clinics, they even work with child welfare and human services. Social workers work full time including evenings, weekends and holidays.

Related Courses and Activities

Courses that related to a social workers job will be a Family and marriage therapist that helps them develop a proper relationship with lots of communication.

An introduction to a social workers job

This video is here to help you understand the different type of social workers that are available for those who are interested.
Introduction to Social Work (Extended Version)
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Social workers are person's who take their time to help others. Being a social worker isn't always so easy. Interacting with plenty of people who go through different life experiences and trying to put themselves in their situations to give the best of their ability. A social worker offers services, guides, assistance, advice and most of all support. Thank you to those who take the time out of their day to encourage others for a better living.