Organize your research

About Citelighter

Citelighter is a tool designed to organize your online research by allowing you to capture and highlight chunks of information online and allowing you to add notes and comments to saved information. You can also save information that is related to a specific project all together for easy access in the future. After creating an account using your email, logging in with Facebook, or LinkedIn the user will download the application toolbar (evidenced by a blue highlighter on the top right corner of your Google Chrome toolbar) you will be able to start using Citelighter immediately. Once you start capturing the screen or highlighting the text you want/need you may make additional notes or comments for that section before moving on to the next piece of text including adding in the bibliographic information. After you have your research saved you can always go back in and edit specific selections, export it to a Word document, email it, or even search the Citelighter experts (this is available on the Pro-version) If you export it to a word document you it will give you the correct citation in either APA, MLA, or Chicago. Not only does it create the bibliographic citation but it also creates the in-paper citation for you. Citelighter can be accessed from any computer that has internet connection and the given access for the login you choose.

Classroom Use

For use in the classroom this site is practical because students do not have to purchase anything and it allows those who are overwhelmed with Evernote to create notes for online research without having to write it physically down and possibly lose it. This also helps students remember to cite within their papers by providing the in-paper citation for them as well their correct bibliographic format. This is a great way also to teach students how to effectively research and pull key information from the text without coping whole paragraphs and allows them to add in their own thoughts, questions, notes to help with their research.

Additional Information

CItelighter is similar to Evernote in that it offers the ability to take screenshots, highlighting, and notes without all the other bells and whistles of Evernote. It also allows the user to share directly with social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ There a pro-version available for purchase in which you have access to other research tools such as articles and experts but it is not required.

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