By Shannon

What is Evil?

Evil: To think or do wicked things to someone who did nothing of the sort. To give someone what you or someone else deserves.
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"What a though"

Shirley Jackson is know for writing stories about murder or evil. The story "What a though" shows how people's though's can turn them into something they told themselves they'd never do.This shows how people can change who they are just over a though. This story is about a woman who couldn't resist the though of killing her husband with an ash tray.
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"The lottery"

Story where, no one walks away with a pile of cash...

It ends with a woman named Mrs. Hutchinson getting stoned to death because she had the "winning paper". They believe that making a sacrifice every year will bring good crops. People should not believe that sacrifices will bring better years.

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"The possibility of evil"

"What goes around comes around."

The possibility of evil is about how Miss Strangeworth's actions can come back to harm her in different ways. She would write false letters to people in her town to cause trouble. But in the end, She gets what she deserved. "Someone decided to destroy her roses." People's actions can give idea's to what the end result will be. Spreading rumors and telling lies can lead to revenge.