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The Many Faces Of Willie Sutton

A Crime Is A Crime No Matter How You Do It

This story takes place in banks, all popular banks. There’s only one main character in this and his name is Willie Sutton, he’s not a normal robber. He’s a master of disguise and he doesn’t use violence or arrogance. He cares about his reputation more than the money. All of Willie’s robberies after the first few are because he’s obsessed with robbing banks, AND HE’S SO GOOD AT IT! He is probably the best disguise man ever in the world. He knows all types of people for the job and makes himself look like a whole different person! The conflict in this book is that he’s robbing these banks because of his addictions. He feels like a master thief when he does these robberies, so that makes him want to do more. He’s got caught a LOT of time and sent to jail, but he just uses his disguises and breaks out. The resolution is that he ends up growing a old man that dies broke.

Everything's A Mystery!

My song that I chose is the Pink Panther Theme song, it has no words, but the song is so amazing that the music explains everything. The tune in this is a totally mystery one, a creepy one also. I chose this because Willie Sutton is the master of disguises, and he’s a mystery himself. Whenever I think of Willie Sutton, I listen to the Pink Panther theme song in my head!


Pink Panther Theme Song by bambichangmin