Working with Computer Programs

Google forms, Google Presentation, and Gimp


Gimp is a program created by Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis. Gimp is an acronym for General Image Manipulation Program. This program is available on windows, Linux and OS X. In class we used gimp to re-size and crop images and to reformat the images.

How To crop images in gimp

Expand Your Learning

From the same toolbox window that allowed you to crop your image, you are also able to do a variety of different things.
You can change your images size/scale, reverse, and change the perspective of the picture.

Google Forms

Google Forms is a program by Google that allows you to make surveys and gather data.

...Finishing Off...

Once you are satisfied with the question you have asked, press Done and Send Form in the bottom left corner. If you would like to make more questions, you can press Add item below the Done button.

Expand Your Learning...

Through Google Forms I made a create your own adventure story. This is just one of the many ways you can use Google Forms for work and for fun.

Power Point/Presentation Tips and Skills

Google Presentation is a program by Google that allows you to pitch ideas to co-workers, explain concepts, or present projects in any place across the world that has a wi-fi connection.

Expand Your Learning...Presentation tips

The first slide in your presentation is one of the most important slides. Use it to connect and gain the attention of your audience. The words on your slides should act only a prompts. You should have no more than six points per slide and no more than six words on each of these points. Remember less is more when it comes to text. Highlight only important points of your presentation on your slides. If the audience has to read the slides they cannot listen to you at the same time. Remember, visuals are more engaging than text, the whole point of a power point is to give visuals aids. In lieu of text, use graphs, pictures, diagrams and other visuals to add spice to your presentation.