The Life of Ludwig van Beethoven

by Nathaniel Blair, the musician


Beethoven once said, "How glad I am to be able to roam in wood and thicket among the trees and flowers and rocks. No one can love the country as I do. My bad hearing does not trouble me here." Without Beethoven, inspiration of music would not be the same right now. He has set a superior boundary for today's understanding and talent for music.

Beethoven's Early Life

Beethoven was born in December of 1770, although his precise birthday is unknown. He grew up in Vienna, Europe's cultural capital with his father, mother, and two younger brothers. At seventeen years old, he moved to the city, which made a massive impact on his life.
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Beethoven's Personality

Beethoven was loved for his musical talent, but nobody wanted to be around him physically because of his destructive temper. His learned his terrible short fuse from his father, who forced him to learn his outstanding musical personality by beating him every time he made a mistake. On a near daily basis, Beethoven was flogged, locked in the cellar, and deprived of sleep just for extra hours of practice.

Beethoven's Masterpieces

Because of Beethoven's crippling shyness, unfortunate physical appearance, and more, he never married, nor had children. He did, however, dedicate some of his pieces to woman in his life. One was Fur Elise, for example. In his life, Beethoven wrote and composed nine symphonies, the ninth, Ode to Joy, being the most famous.
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Ode to Joy

Beethoven managed to compose his last symphony, Ode to Joy, even while deaf by just knowing which keys on the piano made what sound by heart and then realizing that his final masterpiece would sound amazing at the performance. What he predicted was true. The performance and song, Ode to Joy, are still talked about to this day.

Beethoven's Death

Soon after his 9th Symphony, at age 56, Beethoven caught pneumonia and never fully recovered. Late afternoon on March 26, 1827, he lay sick in his bed and passed with 20,000 people attending his funeral. His last words were, "I shall hear in heaven."

The conclusion to this smore article

Beethoven was an incredible man in his time in history. Even though he was deaf, he managed to accomplish much in his life. He has guided us who adore music closer to greatness.


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