Southern Oregon University

Bachelor Of Science in Business

Basic Information about Southern Oregon University

- It is located in Ashland, Oregon

- Specific programs for Human Resources at SOU are, Certificate in Management of Human Resources and Human Resource Services.

- All fees including tuition, dorm room fees, and 2 years at Rogue Community College or (RCC) is around $98,000 dollars.

- In order for me to get into SOU I will need at least 36 quarter credits (24 semester credits) of transfer level credit, at least a 2.25 GPA, know a second language, and leave my last school with a good standing.

- In order to enroll you must pay $300 at first to pay for start-up expenses, there are about 6,203 students that attend SOU, the teacher student ratio is 21 to 1.

Location Info.

- Sou it located in Ashland, OR

- Some fun things in Ashland include; Emigrant lake where you can camp, boat and swim. Also, there is mount Ashland where there is hiking in the summer and in the winter there is a ski resort.

- The weather in Ashland is mildly warm in the summer and cold in the winter, it rains often and snows in the winter.

- The city of Ashland, OR is next to a river and a mountain.

Paying for College.

- I will pay for college from my college savings my parents started when I was a baby, the rest of the money I will take student loans.

- The deadline to pay for FASFA is June, 30.

Post High School Goals

- My goal for the next years in high school is to pass all classes and maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher throughout the next few years.

- Classes I will be taking include; Chemistry, Geometry, Algebra 2, U.S. History, and other electives.

Volunteer Community Work

- The volunteer work I could do is go to the job council and help them.

- This will help me with my future career because I will be getting hands on learning.