September Tech Letter

From you Friendly Media Specialist

Tech Tool of the Month

Hey all,

This month's tech tool is MackinVia.

This resource has it all! You can:

1. Use it to help your students with research

2. Direct your students toward the free AP study books

3. Listen to Audio books (I'm a nerd. I like these for the car ride to and from work)

4. Students can annotate notes, save them, and highlight

5. Checkout books using overdrive ( I love this app. I mean come on, who doesn't love free e-books. Also, in case you are wondering, they have really great books that adults love too.)

I've added the link below, but I downloaded the app for my person use on all my devices.

Check out the document below! It has a quick how to for MackinVia

Feel free to schedule a time for me to show your students this resource.
Big image

Click Here to see step by step instructions. Your login is the same as your computer login.

Here's the link for the site.