Tiong Bahru GI

Praaveen, Jing Rou, Ray, Ting Rui

Interview Responses

Q1: How long have you stayed in Tiong Bahru?

Ans 1: 15 Years

Ans 2: 50+ Years

Q2: Are the house affordable when you bought it?

Ans 1: Last Time was affordable.

Ans 2: Yes.

Q3: Are the facilities and amenities in good condition for you to use?

Ans 1: The facilities and amenities are in good condition.

Ans 2: They are in good condition.

Q4: Do you feel comfortable living in Tiong Bahru?

Ans 1: Yes.

Ans 2: Yes.

Q5: How do you recognize Tiong Bahru?

Ans 1: I recognize Tiong Bahru because I work in the Old Tiong Bahru Market.

Ans 2: I recognize Tiong Bahru because I was born here.

A Description Of Tiong Bahru

Tiong Bahru is one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore. It was the first project undertaken by the Singapore Improvement Trust, a government body administered by the British colonial authority, to provide for mass public housing in Singapore.