26 August 2022

Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year!

Dear Students and Families:

Summer is winding down and we are looking forward to welcoming Falcons back to the nest. For some, this is the beginning of your high school career; for others, it's the final chapter. Wherever you are on your journey, it's an emotional roller coaster! One minute, school can't start soon enough; the next, you're wondering how you are going to be anywhere by 7:17 AM, let alone alert and ready to learn! One thing is for sure, though, September 7th is coming and we are here to help you make this year your best yet! Read on for all you need to know to get off to a great start.


Since taking the helm on July 1, Superintendent Runey and Assistant Superintendent Dr. Souza have made safety their number one priority. In just a few weeks, the central office leadership team has made it possible for schools to open with the tools we need to provide a safe, secure, learning environment for all. We will share details in person, but here's a glimpse at three important safety tools we will have this year and beyond.

Superintendent's Welcome

Please see Superintendent Runey’s Back to School message about safety, security, communication, and COVID updates by clicking here.

Freshman Orientation make-up day is coming soon!

Summer is a busy time for families. If you were unable to attend Freshman Orientation on 18 August, there is a second opportunity on August 31st from 12-2 PM. If you haven't registered yet, please click here.

Student schedules are available on Aspen.

Please log in to your Aspen account and review your schedule. If you are unable to access your account, please contact Guidance Secretary Kathy Shillan at kshillan@drregional.org for help resetting your Aspen account. After reviewing your schedule with your parents/guardian, if you have any requests for changes, please complete the Google Form linked below. The form is also linked on the Aspen banner. Please understand that we will do everything possible to satisfy your requests as we balance your needs with those of your classmates. One more thing...teachers do not select students, and students do not select teachers. Please keep your requests for changes to classes only.

Have you completed your summer assignments?

Students are responsible for completing summer reading and class-specific assignments prior to September 7th. If you are unsure of your responsibilities, please revisit the website.

Bus Transportation

Bloom's Bus Company will publish the school route information next week. We will repost their information as soon as it becomes available.

Are you driving to school?

If you are a junior or senior who would like to drive to school, you must apply for a parking pass. Parking pass applications are available here and in the high school main office between 7-2 Monday-Friday prior to the start of school. You will need your driver's license, your registration, and a check for $60. Students may park only in their assigned spot. Vehicles parked without a pass or parked in an unassigned spot during the school day (7-2) are subject to fines, revocation of parking privileges, and towing.

Chromebooks and school supplies

High school students are required to bring their fully-charged school-assigned Chromebooks to school every day. Please use the protective case. Students are NOT allowed to use personal devices without administrator permission. If a student has not received a Chromebook, please plan to pick one up prior to the start of school. The high school office is open from 7-2 Monday-Friday. Freshmen will receive their Chromebook at orientation. In addition to the Chromebook, please be prepared with pens, pencils, and a notebook.

Universal Free School Meals Continues for 2022-2023

Universal Free School Meals has been extended in Massachusetts for the 2022-2023 school year! There will be no cost to families for students to receive breakfast and lunch at DRRHS. Although meals will be available to all students at no cost, we will ask families to complete a lunch form at the start of the school year. Even if your family has not qualified in the past, we will be asking everyone to complete the form, as it will help us qualify for school funding and competitive grants at the state and national levels.


All students will receive a no-cost lunch this year. However, we will need to account for every lunch served this year. So, unlike last year, every student will be REQUIRED to go through the lunch line and enter their ID# at the "cash register" at the end of the lunch line as they have in previous years. Like last year, snacks will be sold; they are not free. We will provide students with their lunch number ID when school starts.


  • As you will see in the Superintendent’s Message, we are very excited about the enhanced communication that you will see this year. Not only will it help us celebrate our amazing school and show that We Are DR, but it will also increase the level of safety and security.
  • Having updated emails and cell phone numbers in Aspen are crucial in our communications with you. Please contact the office should you need to update this information. Our contacts include:
  • Kathy Shillan email to: kshillan@drregional.org;
  • LesleyStahowiak email to:lstahowiak@drregional.org;
  • Susan Rodrigues email to: srodrigues@drregional.org

Other questions and concerns may be addressed to Gail DeCecco: gdececco@drregional.org