Chisholm Trail

Westward Expansion Activity


The Chisholm Trail was used to drive cattle overland from Texas farms to railroads in Kansas.


1. The trail is named for Jesse Chisholm, a farmer who built several trading posts throughout western Oklahoma. The trail was created specifically for cattle drives, where farmer took their herds of cattle cross country to sell them in a much higher demanding market in the east. (In Texas the price per head was $4 but higher up in the east it was close to $40)

2. Newtown, Kansas holds a three to four day Chisholm Trail Festival, combining it with the annual Fourth of July celebration.

3. Many old western movies are based on the topic of the Chisholm Trail, along with the song "The Old Chisholm Trail" and a multitude of schools throughout the country are named after the trail as well. Also, the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center is an interactive museum located in Duncan, OK that is dedicated to the history of the trail.