Teens for Jeans

December 10 - January 14

Teens For Jeans

Every 1 out of 3 homeless people are teenagers. Why don't you come and help and donate your jeans. Donate your Jeans today and every pair of Jeans you donate. You will receive a 25 % coupon to Aeropostale shopping store for every pair of Jeans you donate.

Donate Your Jeans

Come and donate your jeans today. Every pair of jeans you donate you can get a 25% coupon to Aeropostale. If our school donates the most jeans. Every student in the school can get a Aeropostale hoodie with our school name on it.

Bring Your Jeans

Bring Your Jean to Trevon Jones, Abby Mares, Malik Johnson, Timmy Klauser, Tamequilla Moise, or Dylan Light or bring them to Coach Peters room CTE 112 and tell her who they are for.