Parish Update

St. Agnes ~ St. Paul of the Cross ~ St. Rose

July 8th, 2020

How are we doing?

Normal Mass times and locations are now being observed. Attendance has, understandably, been light. We are observing appropriate social distancing protocols and you will notice pews are taped off to allow for this. Hand sanitizer stations are at all the doors of church and parishioners are asked to wear a mask. Our churches are being sanitized before and after each Mass. (This is a HUGE and IMPORTANT job. If you'd like to help our volunteers, please let us know!)

Below are Guidelines for all to follow. Hope to see you in church soon!!

General Guidelines for Mass Attendance

  1. The obligation to attend Sunday Mass remains suspended in the Diocese of Rochester
  2. Those who are at a higher risk for COVID-19 and those concerned for their health should not to come to church.
  3. Those who feel sick in any way should not come to church.
  4. All persons two years old or older must wear a face mask. Please provide your own mask.
  5. Attendees should sanitize their hands at the entrance to the church. Sanitizer will be provided but use of your own is appreciated.
  6. All persons present at Mass must maintain six feet or more away from other persons (“Social Distance”). Families of the same household may sit together.
  7. Offertory collections will not be taken by ushers, a large collection basket will be placed in the center aisle for contributions to be placed before or after Mass. PLEASE consider online giving
  8. Missalettes or other worship aids will not be provided; you may bring your own materials but please remember to take them home with you.
  9. The Sign of Peace remains suspended.
  10. No holding hands during the Our Father expect among families who wish to do so.

Guidelines for Reception of Holy Communion

  1. Distribution is via the host only, which is the Body and Blood of Christ; there will be no separate offering of the Precious Blood.
  2. Only the Priest Celebrant will distribute Holy Communion. Approach via the center aisle. observing the tape on the carpet with 6 ft intervals delineated for social distancing.
  3. Once the host is placed in the palm of your hand, move to the side, lower your mask, consume the host and replace your mask.
  4. Return to your seat via the side aisles maintaining social distance as much as possible.
  5. Be patient, the Holy Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith, no hurry.
On Line Calendar

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The seed is the word of God, Christ is the sower.

Doesn't Mother Nature get it? We are in the throes of unprecedented disruption of life as we have known it to this point. Some of us have friends or loved ones who have died or been seriously ill. Many people have lost their jobs and have difficulty finding another. The normal challenges of life seem more difficult to manage in the midst of the pandemic. So how is it that life seems to be going on just fine in the rest of the biosphere? For example, I have seen more deer this year during my morning walks than I ever remember in the five years that I have lived here. In particular, I have noticed with incredible frequency a young mother (seemingly no more than a yearling herself) and twin fawns playfully gallivanting at her side. It is truly an extra-ordinary sight and I burst with gratitude to God every time I see such marvels. But I can't help but wonder why there seem to be so many now? Apparently, the Coronavirus does not affect all parts of the ecosystem equally; life goes on despite the difficulties at least among the human element.

It reminds me of when my parents died; both of whom passed suddenly and unexpectedly. It was, of course, very difficult at the time. I was heartbroken and disoriented. I remember feeling offended that the rest of the world did not come to a grinding, screeching halt, the way my breath seemed to do. Life went on despite the terrible loss; of guidance and direction, of right example, of the anchors that were the constant source of safe harbor. Television programming aired as scheduled, no delays, no new bulletins. The sports world was unaffected. Music, sometimes even joyful, continued to play on the radio or someone’s sound system. How rude!

Despite the tragedy that has befallen many in these difficult times, life indeed goes on. God, the great sower, continues to scatter seed. “So shall my word be that goes forth from my mouth; It shall not return to me empty, but shall do what pleases me, achieving the end for which I sent it.” (Isaiah 55:11) The purpose is for growth, dear friends; and growth is an essential feature of life. It’s incumbent upon us to be the most fertile soil we can be. Cultivated by prayer, fertilized by humility and obedience, tended by reading the Bible and watered by the grace of the Sacraments: we embrace The Word of God as good seed sown. Though the farmer is unaware…

Growth Will Flourish

Father Michael Fowler

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