Brittani Simon - March 26, 1999

"Heroes get remembered, but legends never die." - Babe Ruth

All About Me

Hi, my name is Brittani Simon, I am 15 years young. I was born at Richland Palmetto. I have a younger sister and brother. Their names are.. Laylah and CJ. I live in Ridgeway, SC. My mother is my role model.


I am energetic because I'm always on a go with a smile on my face.

Hobbies, Sports, and Clubs







My Mother's and I Timeline.

1999: I was born

2000: Runner-up in S.C. Toddler Miss Catfish Stomp

2002: Won Wee Miss Tiny Tot. Camden

2007: Little sister was born

2012: Father died

Events that happened in my lifetime:

2001: World Trade Center comes down

2002: George W. Bush signs legislation creating a new cabinet department pf Homeland Security

2008: Barack Obama became president

2010: Haiti

2014: Flight 370 disappears


1980: Mother was born

1991: Her father passed away

1999: Had her first daughter (me)

2007: Gave birth to Laylah

2008: Gave birth to CJ

Events that happened in her lifetime:

1990: Persian Gulf War

2003: Columbia explodes, killing all astronauts

2007: Nancy Pelosi becomes the 1st woman speaker of the House of Representatives

2012: Sandy Hook shooting

2014: Mike Brown shooting


I am going to attend the University of South Carolina to get my Bachelor's Degree. After I graduate from there, I'm reaching to be a physical therapist. Later on as I get older, I'm going to have my own physical therapist place in Lexington, South Carolina. In 2020, my goal is be on the road to success.