Oral History Report

The Life of Mrs Jennifer

Family backround

How did your parents meet: They lived on neighboring farms.

Who were your parents brothers and sisters: Ellen, Merlin, Lester, Stanly, Joice.

When and where were you born: Wisconsin 60 years ago.

Childhood and Home Life

Tell me about the schools that you attended:Country grade school.

Describe the community where you grew up:Farming community, grocery store, mill, churches, banks.

What kind of music did you enjoy when you were growing up:Rock and roll.

Wht responsibilities did you have at home: House keeping.

Do you remember the houses that you grew up in: Large farmhouses.

Name some speacial homade foods that you enjoyed as a kid: Homade bread, and fudge.

Married and Adult Life

When and where were you married: Jolen, Illinois. 1970s on the Bysontentional.

What is your lifes most memorable moment: Birth of grandchildren

What were the most special events that happend in your life: Graduated college.

Have you ever been involved in an accident, fire, flood, etc?Tell me about it: No she has not.

World events

Did you or any of your family members serve in the wars: Her husband served in the war.

How did the Vietnam war affect your life community: Lots of protest.