Mike Bowden ESL Notes

Weeks of January 18th to February 5th

Talk, Read, Talk, Write

This Will Fundamentally Change Your Approach

Have you ever had opportunity to participate in a training that was so motivating, so inspiring that it made you want to change what you do the moment you are back in your classroom?

NOW You're Skeptical!

For those who have skipped ahead and looked up TRTW's website, you may be thinking, "This isn't geared to me, I don't have the long-term ELL student."

What if there was a classroom approach that engaged more students, for longer periods of time, whether they are General Ed, Special Ed, Gifted Ed or Any Other Ed?

Would you want to know more?

Limited Opportunity

Nancy Motley will be presenting in April. (She wrote the book, so she REALLY

knows this stuff).

There are 2 one-day sessions in Eduphoria; you only need to attend one.

Double-Dog Dare

If you had a chance to see Malcolm Gladwell or Daniel Pink, you wouldn't hesitate, right?

Nancy Motley will impact what you do, how you do and why you do. For ALL

your students. Do you STILL need to be double-dog dared to register?

Schedule & Availability

Monday Jan 18 - Holiday

Tuesday Jan 19 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Jan 20 - Forest Vista

Thursday Jan 21 - Flower Mound

Friday Jan 22 - Forest Vista

Monday Jan 25 - Flower Mound (travel to Forest Vista for ARD)

Tuesday Jan 26 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Jan 27 - Forest Vista

Thursday Jan 28 - Flower Mound afternoon only,

TELPAS Security & Training at Mill Street Annex morning

Friday Jan 29 - Thinking Maps at Bolin Center 8:00 to 3:30

Monday Feb 1 - Flower Mound

Tuesday Feb 2 - Forest Vista

Wednesday Feb 3 - Forest Vista

Thursday Feb 4 - Flower Mound

Friday Feb 5 - Forest Vista

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