Week 4 - Tuesday

Music Appreciation

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WEEK 4 ASSIGNMENTS DUE: Sunday, September 25

Module Four Assignments
Module Four: Lesson One: Discussion
Module Four: Lesson One: Quiz
Module Four: Lesson Two: Discussion
Module Four: Lesson Two: Quiz

Module Four: Lesson Three: Discussion
Module Four: Lesson Three: Quiz

Module Four: Lesson Four: Discussion
Module Four: Lesson Four: Quiz

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Within any genre of music there is always a dance that goes along with it, and jazz was no different. One of the dances known to the early jazz of Dixieland and Ragtime music was called the "Cakewalk."

The Cakewalk dance originated from the Southern plantations of the African American slaves around 1860. It was a mockery of the preferred European dances of their white slave owners. It featured couples with arms linked at the elbows lined up in a circle, dancing forward with a two-step march and a series of short hopping steps, and high kicks.

Contests were given to see who was the best dancer, and a slice of cake or a hoe cake (a cornmeal pancake baked over a fire on the back of a garden hoe tool) was given as the prize. Such phrases as "that takes the cake" and "it's a piece of cake" came from this tradition. Also, the county fair game "The Cake Walk" of walking around in a circle and stopping on a number when the music stops to win a cake, probably came from this very old dance as well.

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If you can't view it, no worries. This film clip is from 1903. There is no

sound or music as film and music were not together yet in recordings until 1927.


Comedy Cake Walk. American Mutoscope and Biograph Company, 1903. Source: The Library of Congress American Memory Project.