short story

The tale of the Evil Mice Crime

A mice by the name of "3" made his way down Crime Lane, on his way home after one of his biggest accomplishments yet. Suddenly, he was blinded by flashing red and blue lights and surrounded by tons of police cars. He heard someone yell at him to "drop his bags and put his hands up." Even though his first instinct was to bolt, he did as he was ordered to. A police officer came up to him, handcuffed him and said, " you are now under arrest for the brutal murder of Marie Lobo, the farmers wife. you will have the right to a public defender. we have a witness state she saw you killing Mrs. Lobo, so no arguments, alright? Get in the car, we're taking you to the station. You have a bunch of felonies, so don't try esscaping."
3 was very confused. What was happening to him? He watched as the police car drove off away, leaving behind his most valued possesions behind, the items in the bag, where the bag was still on the sidewalk from where he put it down. At the station, he was told the Jury decided he wasn't allowed to go on bail, and had to stay there. He had an indictment placed on him, which made him very mad and sad, as he didn't do anything wrong. The police officer who arrested him stated that he was schedule an arraginment for the next morning, that he had a subpoena, and that his defender would come speak to him soon. He realized that his verdict needed to say he wasn't guiltly, as he could be facing prosecution.
"Hi 3, Im Amy, your defender for this case. I believe that you didn't kill the farmer's wife, so we need to make sure the Jury and the judge do too, and you aren't convicted, but acquitted instead. The court said that they will give you a plea bargain; in exchange for your confession, you get to serve in jail for 10 years. I advise you not to take the plea as you aren't guilty, and you don't deserve any jail time."
The next day, at the hearing, the petit jury began to ask him questions, to which he answered honestly under oath, explaining where he was before heading home. He didn't want to get caught with perjury as he would be in a lot of trouble for lying under oath. The jury easily came to the verdict that 3 hadn't done anything wrong except for being at the wrong placce at the wrong time. All he was doing is coming home from the mice gym after a 7 mile run. 3 was acquitted, and didn't need an appeal! He got to go home free!