The Giver

Parker 6th Grade English Resource

What if You Could Control Memory: Writing The Giver

Lois Lowry explains how her fascination with memory and experiences with her parents inspired her to write The Giver. Video (7:56)

About her Writing:

Lois Lowry's books for older kids are often serious books that take place in future, contemporary, or historical settings. She writes of racism, terminal illness, societal wrongs, or the Holocaust with a respect for children first encountering these subjects. Her heroes are determined, courageous risk-takers and events can be surprising and haunting. Balancing the intensity of these books are her novels for younger kids, which feature precocious, eccentric heroes who provoke as much laughter as thought with dialogue and silly situations that turn plots into fast reads. Start with: The Giver.

Genre: Classics; Dystopian fiction; Fantasy fiction; Historical fiction; Humorous stories; Realistic fiction; Science fiction
Character: Awkward; Believable; Courageous; Likable; Spunky
Storyline: World-building
Tone: Feel-good; Funny; Haunting; Moving; Reflective; Strong sense of place; Thought-provoking
Writing Style: Attention-grabbing; Compelling; Conversational

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