Increasing Food Production

Challenges and Opportunities for the New Era

Prof. Yoram Kapulnik Addressing Global Food Crisis:

The future food crisis issue is a problem for our next generations to come. To be caught up with a situation that they will not be able to afford the cost of their food.
The steep increase in the energy cost as well as the reduction in ag

ricultural land and the reduction in the amount of irrigated water will bring at the situation where many communities around the globe, will not be able to afford the price of their food.

The ARO – Agricultural Research Institute of Israel has much knowledge and experience accumulated over the years to address this issue.
I invite you all to be ARO’s upcoming workshop and to be part of a global discussion. The workshop will focus on all aspects of increasing future food production and is to be held in Volcani Center in Israel, December 2-4.

Thank You!

Yoram Kapulnik addressing Global Food Crisis