How it Effects Us

Discrimination At Its Worse

Discrimination is The unjust or prejudicial treatment of different categories of people or things. Especially on the grounds of race,religion, age, and sex. One example would be in the early to mid 1900s. When discrimination was part of everyday life for the blacks. They weren't treated nearly as well as the whites. Everything would be separated into two groups, and the blacks would get the worse one of the two. They weren't given the proper needs to live a happy life. No one even cared one bit about the blacks, but the blacks cared about each other. It's still a global issue today, because it doesn't give the quality of life that a regular person just gets handed. They deal with hatred from many people in the world just because of the skin they wear. Many think they shouldn't have rights at all, which can cause outbreaks, dangerous outbreaks. Which leaves war at a very plausible solution for some people. War leaves many dead, which Is a very bad and terrible solution. A example for war is World War 2. Hitler wanted all the Jews gone, and once they were captured, they were treated worse than the animals. They didn't even care about how many lives lost for the Jews. They destroyed all they have to worship their beliefs. They burned down all the synagogues, where the all the Jews would worship.

Even though most races are excepted now, many people still think they don't deserve much, but we can't do much about it, since it is their thought

Some influential People

The Part Resolution


Even though there are many people that discriminate, there are more that are against it. Some are even better, they give to different races on a daily basis. They believe they deserve more then they receive. Discrimination is a problem, but day by day, it's getting a little less worse.