April Newsletter

CAPStone Showcase Coming Soon!

Note from Brian Gregoire - Director of CAPS

We have much to be proud of this semester. Our young professionals have worked tirelessly to gain new skills, experiences and insights to aid them in the future! They have set new milestones in multiple areas. Students have experienced more internship and shadowing hours than ever before, with over 4000 hours completed as I write this message. Many students have transitioned an internship into a paid position within their area of future study. All of this makes me so excited to see and hear our students present on May 8th and 9th from 5:30-7:00 PM. Please come out and support our students. Check out our social media in the coming days as we post more details on our CAPStone Showcase.

Business & Create

Our Business & Create young professionals have been focusing on finalizing their client or passion projects the past few weeks as we prepare for our CAPStone phase of the semester.

This spring our business students have had the opportunity to work on 9 different client projects, helping them gain real-world experience and learn to take feedback from business professionals as they seek to accomplish the goals and objectives of these individual projects. This semester three student teams also competed against one another in the CAPSim Global business simulation, a college-level global business game in which they are responsible for activities related to R&D, marketing, production, and finance. The winning team of Riley Reimer, Trevor Sagehorn, Jude Miller and Clay Vinson performed better than any prior team in the three years of running this simulation. They should be commended for their hard work and analysis of the game! It was so much fun to watch them brainstorm ideas, read financial reports to determine the most beneficial moves for future rounds, and debate their ideas before coming to a consensus on their decisions for each round.

Finally, I want to give a shoutout to our Business & Create interns this year who gained real-world experiences on site during their CAPS sessions: Mac Evans (social media marketing, Le Lucie Lighting), Tatum Boynton (office administration, Boynton Family Dental), Riley Coleman (intern at Tanganyika Wildlife Park), Aubrey Hopper (PR/communications at Freddy's), Brandon McKown (sales at OneRoof Real Estate), Jace Rees (AVL intern at Kent AV), Sandra Le (event planning for KU Wichita Pediatrics), Braden Rupp (accounting intern at Adams & Associates), and Aiden Davis (videography services for Super Car Guys).

So many of our business young professionals worked hard to build their resumes and professional experiences during this Spring semester, and it was our best one yet!

Steven Huskey, Business & Create Instructor

Big picture


April was busy with site visits and project work for CAPS Engineering. Students visited The Center for Advanced Virtual Engineering and Testing and Crash Dynamics Lab, The Walter Beech Wind Tunnel, Textron Engineering Test Lab, and NetApp’s data center. Students learned from industry experts in these amazing facilities.

Projects this month have included:

  • Refurbishing a sand-blast cabinet

  • Building a portable lego wall and whiteboard for Prairie Creek Elementary Library

  • Modifying electronic toys for the Butler County Special Education Cooperative

  • Putting finishing touches on the electric guitar

  • Applying 3d modeling software to video game design

  • Creating residential structures and interiors in Revit

Seth Scripter, Engineering Instructor

Medical 1 & 4

Medical 1 has been really busy since coming back from Spring Break. We did our mental health week and the students did a fantastic job studying and trying to understand the world of mental health. They did a campaign ad for a mental health issue they chose, and the posters they created were done well.

Cardiac week was another one that I was really excited about how well the students did. They learned how to place a 5-lead EKG, and also they learned about the basic EKG strips they might see. We have a fun assignment where they had to go around to different stations, and they were to interrupt the EKG to determine what the heart was doing.

Then we jumped into respiratory, where the students learned a little about the lungs and some illnesses/diseases that people can have. We were honored to welcome Alan Thomas, a respiratory therapist at Via Christi. He brought a couple of pig lungs with him, and the students were able to "mechanically" breathe for those lungs, but also they had the chance to palpate them and feel the tumor in the "sick" lung. We are always so grateful to our community leaders who step in to talk with our students.

Speaking of community leaders, we need to give a shout-out to KCOM, Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine! They welcomed us to their campus for the 2nd time this year. The students had great experiences working with a few of the medical students, and they loved their anatomy lab. They had a virtual reality program where students could dissect a cadaver piece by piece. They even had the opportunity to "jump" inside the cadaver and look around.

We are heading into CAPStone once this week concludes. Parents, be on the lookout for an informational paper that will come home with your student that needs to be signed.

As always, we love spending time with your student and the opportunity to pour into them. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me at hurleya@usd385.org

Ashley Hurley, Medical Instructor

Medical 2 & 3

Spring in Med 2/3 has been exciting so far! We have had several group projects and learning opportunities over the past few weeks. After our radiology/imaging unit we created MRI, CT and PET scan images of the brain and students tried to discuss what could be happening in the models by relating color patterns to brain activity and lesions or tumors.

Last Friday we were able to visit the Kansas College of Osteopathic Medicine! Students had an interactive tour with virtual reality goggles, simulation and the chance to learn from hands on professional models of the brain. The admissions team talked to students about the “3 for 4” program they currently have in place with both Friends University and Newman University. This program allows pre-med students at those schools to apply for med school early without taking the MCAT and start as a KCOM med student in their 4th year of college! This was very exciting to our students, especially since some of our seniors are planning to become doctors and are already admitted to those schools!

This week we started talking about the urinary system and learned all about the inner workings of the kidneys and how intricately they help us to filter waste. Students will be conducting urinalysis dipstick exams on simulated urine to detect glucose, protein, blood cells, nitrites, bilirubin, and pH as they screen simulated patients for urinary tract infections, diabetes, and liver disease. We will also take a look at urinary catheterization with our simulation manikin and discuss indications for this procedure, the steps for insertion/removal and how to prevent catheter associated urinary tract infections.

Beyond this week we are on to CAPStone!! Students will be working hard on their final presentation projects and we hope you will come out and see them on May 8th and 9th!

Ashley Ebert, Medical Instructor

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