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European Origin

This state is one hundred percent British! Don't worry about any foreign influences such as the French or Spanish. Live among your English comrades in reassurance. Virginia, founded by the Virginia company, was colonized to act as a location to extract gold and send it to Europe for profit. However, when no gold was found, it became a location for producing tobacco off farms.
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Location, Location!

Virginia is a southern colony, located north of the Carolinas and south of Maryland. Its location on the Atlantic and many waterways including Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River allowed for trade to flourish in cities such as Jamestown. Additionally, Virginia's coastal plain allows for plenty of space for farmland.


This colony is a center of commerce as well as for agriculture. Tobacco from the farms are shipped from Virginia's port cities off to England. Virginia's government consists of a council called the House of Burgesses. This body resembles England's Parliament. This colony's religion is Protestant, specifically Anglican.
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A Proud History

Virginia was the first of the original 13 British North American Colonies. Additionally, Jamestown is the first permanent British settlement in North America. The Powhatan Confederacy, a group of native american tribes, posed as a threat to the Europeans. Three wars were fought with this group, and finally, the Indian massacre of 1622 caused massive British retaliation that ended most of the conflicts.

Key People

The entrepreneurs of the Virginia Company are perhaps the most important Virginians, whose role in creating the new colony was invaluable. Among the original settlers, John Rolfe brought the tobacco plant from Bermuda, allowing for the cash crop of Virginia to take off. This one plant created almost all of the wealth for Virginia. Powhatan, an Amerindian chief, ensured the small town of Jamestown survived. He traded with the Englishmen and allowed his daughter to marry a white man.