Koby's Bucket List


I want to go skydiving in Hawaii! When skydiving i want to go over the beach! The waves weathers and erodes the beach! This type of weathering is physical! Skydiving seams really fun because you jump out of a plane in you fall to the ground safely!
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I want to go surfing in Hawaii! The waves weather down beach, this is physical weathering. I've always wanted to go surfing in Hawaii because the waves are big and the water is really blue!
GoPro: Small surf North Shore Hawaii
I want to go scuba diving in Fiji. The currents in the water cause weathering and erosion. The waves on the beach weather and erode the sand which causes the beach to get smaller and smaller over millions of years!
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I want to go white water rafting in Rio Pacuare, Costa Rica. The rocks on the side of the river were formed from the running water. This type of weathering is physical.
Pacuare River Tours Rafting Rio Pacuare Costa Rica