Growth Of Japanese Culture

Distinctive Japanese Art Published By: Nick Clark

Calligraphy and Painting

The Japanese copied the Chinese by writing like them with Brushes and Ink. They wrote using the strokes of the brush. In the 600s the Japanese painting turned into writing it on scrolls in very good detail. Short descriptions are sometimes wrote in the smallest art. Calligraphy is also the Beauty of Art and Painting the shapes and sizes.

Flower Arranging and Gardening

Another Art in the Japanese Culture was Flower Arranging which the Buddhist brought to the Japanese. The People in Japan used simple arrangements. The Japanese made sure to highlight nature of plants and the beauty. The Zen inspired the highlight of the Gardens. One of the most significant plants of the Japanese was the Bonsai Tree. A Bonsai tree is a little tree which is cut in certain ways and takes a lot of patience, The Bonsai tree is made to help people relax and think.
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