The People of Sparks- Jeanne Dupau

Georgia Giddens Block 1


Lina- protagonist, she is a 12 year old girl that has long dark hair and is a messenger. She also is average height and slender.

Doon-protagonist, he has dark thick eyebrows, brown shaggy hair, and dark brown eyes. He is also slender.

Caspar-antagonist, he is a roamer who is obsessed with finding the hidden treasure and will do anything to find it!


The City of Sparks is a city in future America. There is no electricity and most of the important objects and other thing have been gone for a long time. The books takes place in the future after the war that ended most of the world.

Conflict and Plot

The conflict in the story is how the people of Sparks and the people of Ember don't get along and fight and cause lots of conflict between the people. The plot of the story is Lina Mayfleet and her fellow citizens are in a new town and are not getting along with the people of the other city (Sparks). Lina is trying to find a treasure but realizes that her and the people of her old city are the treasure.


The theme of the book is new experiences can be good or bad and you can learn many things from them. I came to understand this message by looking at how Lina changed and what she learned from those changes. In the story Lina goes from living in a sad town to a big city with lots of thing that made life better! But the people from her town didn't like some of these things and that caused conflict. That is how I got the theme.
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Extra Credit

This Wordle has some words that reminded me of The People of Sparks and that's why I chose the words in it!

Book Recomendation

I thought this book was wonderful. When I read the City of Ember I was so exited to read the next book and this book was even better then the first! I think if you like to read books that have action and adventure this is the book for you!