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Cox Mill HS - Student Support Services (S3) - 3.17.21

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Wellness Wednesday Topic - Luck or Reframe?

Ever feel like you have bad luck? What if someone told you nearly every situation that seems "unlucky" can be reframed into something more productive. Learning to reframe thoughts, experiences, situations or feelings can help shift things into a lighter place that feels more manageable. Reframing is basically finding a different way of looking at things.

Your point of view influences what you see. If you are standing on one side of a wall and your friend is on the other, your friend might say the wall is pink but you see a blue wall. Both of those things can be true at the same time. A reframe allows you to take a different perspective or point of view. Another way to think about it is like using a filter on your phone. The subject material of the photo is the same, it just looks different when you intentionally draw attention to certain aspects of the photo by using a filter or cropping tool, for example. Let's practice.

Example 1: You didn't get the job you applied for last week. You feel rejected and down about yourself. Reframe: You will keep applying for jobs and now you get to go on Spring Break without having to worry about upsetting a new boss by asking for time off.

Example 2: You miss your friends so much because you haven't seen them in months. Reframe: You look forward to seeing your friends when things get back to normal and you've enjoyed spending this time with your family.

Example 3: You missed the deadline for signing up for a class you really wanted to take and you're not looking forward to the one you have instead. Reframe: You have missed deadlines before and that's caused problems in the past; you decide to do an independent study in that subject and ask a friend to join you so you can write about it on your college essays.


Do you have your college plans all buttoned up? If not, it isn't too late! CFNC has a great tool that can help you: The College Redirection Pool. The College Redirection Pool (CRP) provides an additional opportunity for applicants to be matched with a college they may not have initially considered. This service is a great opportunity to connect with NC colleges and universities that still have open admissions slots.

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March 12 - ACT Registration Deadline for 4/17 ACT

March 13 - National SAT Test Date

March 16 - NACAC College Fair - Performing & Visual Arts

March 19 - Central Carolina Association of Realtors Scholarship Deadline

March 21 - NACAC Virtual College Fair

March 24 - QuestBridge College Prep Scholars Deadline (Juniors)

March 25 - 3rd Quarter Ends

March 25 - CMHS Academic Booster Club Scholarship Deadline

March 26 - No School for Students

March 26 - Late Deadline for ACT Registration for 2/17 ACT

March 30 - Big Future Days College Fair - West & Southwest Colleges

March 31 - RCCC Scholarship Deadline

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Students experiencing or concerned about a mental health crisis should immediately contact the closest adult or call emergency services.
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