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April 19, 2019

Celebrating Good Work

To celebrate our students great work, we will be having an extra recess treat during all students RA classes next Friday the 26th. Related arts will be with students as well as Administration (as we are available) to enjoy some time outside and fun! Everyone needs to cross fingers and toes for a good weather day! We will have more information as we finalize what we are doing for treats.


Due to testing and the business of the day, we will not have PLC meetings this Tuesday. If you want to meet, please email Suzanne with your request. Our next meeting will be April 30. We will have our book study discussion at that meeting. SPED team will meet the following Thursday, May 2nd for their meeting.

Faculty Meeting on 4/22

I am working to secure some folks from Jackson to come and talk to us about their data binders to help us refine our practice. We will see you all at 3:40 for our meeting.

May Newsletter

Please have your grade level's addition to the May Newsletter to me no later than Wednesday, May first. In addition, if you want to add any pictures from things that your team have done this spring, you can email them to me and I'll add them.

End of Year Evaluations for Everyone

Teachers please be on the look out for an email with information regarding your input for IA evaluations. IA's we will be making plans to meet with you all in the first two weeks of May.

Teachers, please make sure you are updating your Professional Learning Log. Completing the required hours will exempt you from coming in on the in-service day on the 28th. I will need those forms turned in on or before Friday, May 17th. 2019. Thanks in advance.


YES! It is fidelity monitoring time again for RTI. This is a heads up that I will be coming by Monday for a quick check. A few IAs will be pulled for testing, so adjust according to Monday's list. IAs who will be testing first thing in the morning are:

Garst (up to 90 minutes, then 35 later)

Brooks (30 minutes first thing)

Hubmann (up to 90 minutes, then 35 later)

McCloud (up to 60 minutes first thing in the morning)

K. Fields may be helping with testing materials first thing, but should be available for RTI support in First and Second grades.

For a more detailed schedule of who and where folks are doing make-ups, please refer to the online spreadsheet.

Fun Pictures From Around Lincoln This Week

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