African Animals

By:Lucie Hoffart

The Animals of Africa

One day a hippo was at the watering hole and he saw the elephant. The elephant was trying to scratch her back when the hippo asked,” Do you want any help?”

“Yes I do, could you scratch right there?” she asked pointing to a spot on her back.

“Sure I can do that!” Said hippo. He walked over to elephant and tried to scratch her back, but he couldn’t reach the spot.

“Maybe you could climb onto my back to get it.” Said elephant.

“Great idea, could you just bend down a little bit?” implored hippo. When elephant had bent down hippo had climbed onto her back and scratched her itch.

A few days later hippo was trying to get a mango down from a tree but couldn’t because he was too short. He was trying to climb the tree when giraffe walked up and said,” Need any help getting that fruit?”

And hippo replied,” Yes, I can’t reach this mango, could you get it for me?”

“Sure,” said giraffe,” I can get it down for you.” So giraffe reached up, grabbed a couple of mangos and gave them to hippo.

“Oh thank you!” said hippo

The next day giraffe dropped a very rare fruit down a hole, “No,” she exclaimed” I was going to eat you!!”

Just then elephant walked up and said,” Need any help getting that? I can get it!” The elephant reached down with her long trunk and got the rare fruit for giraffe.

THEME: What Goes Around Comes Around