Environmental Study Project

Monserrat Villasnor


Temperature and rainfall totals:

Orlando Florida annual average precipitation rainfalls are 53.17.Florida's annual average precipitation is 52.80. All average rainfall is 41.11 rainfalls.The temperature never goes below 30 degrees Fahrenheit and never goes higher than 98 degrees fahrenheit .The weather affects the residents lives by making people sick when it is cold. It can also affect the residents when it is really hot outside and the sun rays go to your skin and cause skin cancer.The weather can affect you when it is hot it can cause hurricanes and destroy houses.One good thing about weather is that when its warm you can go to the pool or the beach and have good times there.

Natural Disaster

Hurricanes in the past ten years:

Hurricane Wilma, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Dennis, Hurricane Jeanne, Hurricane Ivan, Hurricane Frances.

Frequency of these events and the problems they cause:

The hurricanes cause a lot of damage to people. The hurricanes make people lose their houses or even kill people.

A list of 8 ways residents should prepare for future disasters:

  • They should prepare flashlights.
  • Have at least one gallon for each person.
  • A backpack with a box of bandages, gloves, goggles.
  • Canned food.
  • Batteries for the flashlights or other.
  • Blankets for each one.
  • Umbrellas for each one.
  • And jackets.


Orlando was back in 1838. Long time ago it was called Jernigan. Then 6 years later the community changed the its name to Orlando. Then in 1857 the U.S post office adopted the name. The town of Orlando was incorporated in 1875, and 22 persons were qualified as voters.The community has changed by time because no there are more people that are living here. It has changed because now the houses are built more better


Some sports are in the Amway center in Orlando. There are very much different kinds of sports. But in the Amway center there sport is basketball. There is a very big soccer field where leagues go play and win championships. The most popular sports here is basketball and football. There are different kinds of houses some people live in 2 story houses, mobile homes,trailer houses, houses, apartments.


The wildlife found in and around my community:

There are a lot of animals in Orlando Florida. One of the most common one is a alligator. Another ones area Pleated Woodpeckers, Red- bellied Woodpecker, Eagles , Non Venomous Snakes, Turtles, Manatees, Honey bees, Osprey, Owls, and also a Red-tailed Hawks, Florida Panther. Wildlife can also harm our community because one animal can eat more than it suppose to eat then it ruins the whole thing. But it also can help us by, the animal that eat animal that has died or is rotten. Those animal clean our environment. One of the animals that i find fascinating is a Eastern Chipmunk. I find it fascinating because it is really small and fits everywhere and also it eats fruits like me. It also has 3 to 5 babies. Eastern chipmunks helps plants and fungi by spreading seeds and also spores.


The most common Culture in my community is Hispanics( Latinos). They speak a lot of Spanish. My Culture culture is a Mexican Culture. Mexico is the 11th most populated country in the world with around 117 million people (as of July 2012). The main Language is Spanish. Mexico is best known for The Mariachi. All the cultures interact to form a community by working together to make a better community and respecting all the there differences.

My Map

I picked my church, my brothers school, the Florida Mall, my house, and Liberty Middle School because at least I go there once a day. I also picked that because I like going there.

Overall Reflection

How all of the above make my community. All of the above make my community by adapting to the natural disasters. They also form a community my respecting each other cultures. Us the people have to get used to the wildlife. We also form a community by adapting to the temperature and the rain. We also form a community by getting to know each other from where we live and where we go every day.