List 8 Vocabulary

Halie Fonner


Definition: someone who is a good storyteller

True/False: Blake was such a fantastic Raconteur that people gathered around whenever he began to speak. (True)

Synonym/Antonym: Yarn Spinner/Recorder


Definition: to narrow down one's options or choices

True/False: By the end of the period, he had winnowed his list so there were more items than what he'd began with. (False)

Synonym/Antonym: Select/Compile


Definition: intended for only a certain group of people

True/False: The French Club was exclusive to students taking the class. (True)

Synonym/Antonym: Cliquish/Unrestricted


Definition: to join forces with others in secret, usually for illegal purposes

True/False: Robin colluded with Batman to figure a way to get places quicker in order to save more people. (False)

Synonym/Antonym: Connive/ Commercial collaboration


Definition: to steal something from someone in a sneaky and clever way

True/False: The buyer took her money but never sent the product; she had been swindled. (True)

Synonym/Antonym: Trick/Be honest


Definition: to enhance or improve something; to change for the better

True/False: Ingredients such as sugar, salt, parsley, basil, oregano, onion powder, or garlic powder can help enrich the flavor of bland tomato paste to make delicious pizza sauce. (True)

Synonym/Antonym: Upgrade/Worsen


Definition: to experience something through another person's actions, as in hearing stories, watching something, etc.

True/False: The high school celebrated their vicarious victory in the football tournament with a party. (True)

Synonym/Antonym: Imagined/First-hand


Definition: a way of doing things that strays far from accepted practices

True/False: Galileo's heretical idea of a sun-centered universe was strongly rejected by the Catholic Church. (True)

Synonym/Antonym: Differing/Accepted


Definition: to completely demolish something

True/False: Godzilla razed Tokyo to the ground, leaving behind a pile of crumbled buildings and smoke. (True)

Synonym/Antonym: Obliterate/Build


Definition: to hold close; to strongly support

True/False: She was not very easily persuaded, and often would adhere to one side of an argument no matter what. (True)

Synonym/Antonym: Fix/Divide