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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Looking Ahead: Family Faith Registration 2021

Each year, our Family Faith registration process begins in October as we open registration for our current families in our program. Instead of an in-person sign up as we have conducted in the past, this year our registration will take place online. In the October 18 Family Faith Newsletter, there will be link to the 2021 Family Faith registration form. More details will follow in upcoming newsletters, and we will share the form and answer questions at our zoom meetings during the week of October 18.

Below are reminders of other upcoming events at Holy Family Parish:

  • In honor of St. Francis of Assisi's love of all creatures, Holy Family Parish will have its traditional blessing of the animals on Sunday, October 4 at 3:00PM. Bring your beloved dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, etc. to the parking lot of Sacred Heart Church for a special blessing.
  • Our next Family Faith zoom meeting will be the week of October 18. Registration for Family Faith 2021 begins October 18.

Mass Readings for Sunday, October 4: Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time

In Matthew's Gospel this weekend, Jesus shares with the chief priest and elders another parable to allow them to self-reflect on their actions and demonstrate God's love for us.

In this Parable of the Tenants, God gives us second chances. This is a difficult parable to teach to our children in that the story includes the angry vineyard tenants who beat and kill the messengers. The parable ends with the kingdom being taken away and given to others.

How do we explain this story and message to our children? The goal is to emphasize that God is a God of love, who cares for us enough to offer second chances when things go wrong. God demonstrates mercy through Christ, and He gives the job of building the kingdom to those who will do so responsibly…people like us!

Jesus shares this message to the chief priests and elders of the time since they are like the tenants: often judging and hurting others. God, like the landowner, comes to offer second, third and many more chances, and forgives sins. He is not just angrily standing by, waiting for a chance to punish for making mistakes. He loves us so much that He offers chance after chance for us to come to Him. All we have to do is believe and accept His Son, who died for our sake. We demonstrate appreciation for God’s mercy by living as His people and growing His church.

Link to Mass Readings for Sunday, October 4th

Translated in English and Spanish

The Gospel - Matthew 21:33-43 (27th Sunday in Ordinary Time)

Activities for Family

Video & Reflection

To better explain this Gospel message to your children, below is a brief video to watch together. The teacher in this video describes the Parable of the Tenants, and helps to relate the story to experiences our children can understand.

Before watching this video, it may help to have about 15-20 grapes and raisins available for your children to act out the opening demonstration. Then watch and discuss the video and the teacher's message. The video ends with a thankful prayer.

Children's Message: God Gives Second Chances (Matthew 21:33-46) Parable of the Tenants
Family Form Week of October 4

As a family, complete and submit this family form by Friday, October 9. This form counts as attendance and participation of our Family Faith Program.

Teaching Prayer to Our Children

Holy Family Parish is proud and excited for our children who are preparing and will receive the sacraments of First Penance and First Holy Communion in the upcoming weeks! The link below is a helpful handout for parents to reinforce and teach prayer to their children, especially as they are receiving these holy sacraments.

Whether your children are about the receive these sacraments or not, as parents, it is our role to teach and model prayer to our children.

Resource for Teaching Prayer to Our Children

Translated in English and Spanish

Uplift Video of the Week!

Best Buddies!

As most toddlers travel and cuddle with their favorite stuffed animal or blanket to make them feel secure, this two-year old boy, Theo, has his favorite 5-foot tall Halloween skeleton! In mid-September, when his mom was cleaning the basement from a flood, Theo discovered his new buddy among these boxes. In watching the video below, Theo and his skeleton (that he named, Benny!) enjoy reading, napping, running errands, and playing together!

Theo's mom has shared several photos and videos of her son on her Instagram account hanging out with Benny. In an interview with the Today Show, Theo's mom describes why she shared these images and videos with the world. She explains, "2020 has been probably one of the craziest years in a while and I know it has brought a lot of people a lot of turmoil and a lot of hardship. My hope is that this can just spread some happiness. Even if it makes someone’s day for a couple of minutes, that makes me so happy."

Boy brings his favorite five foot Halloween skeleton everywhere

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