Kindergarten Connection

Friday, February 5, 2016

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Ask your child...

  • Who was the first president?
  • who wore a stovepipe hat?
  • who is know as the father of our country?
  • how many stripes are on the flag.
  • what would they do if they were president?
  • what would they do on a snowy day?
  • what are they writing about in writer's workshop?
  • what is a "just right" book?

Writer's Celebration: Friday February 12, 2016 at 1:40.

We have a "Writer's Celebration" at the end of each unit of study in writing. The children would like to invite you to our celebration next week. We have been working on writing nonfiction books and they have worked hard and are very proud of what they have learned and written. We would love to have you come celebrate their accomplishments on Friday, February 12 at 1:40. Just 20 minutes before the Valentine party. Please let the office know you are from my classroom and they will let you come down before the party starts.

Valentine Party: Friday, February 12th at 2:00

***Please make a valentine box for your child to have their valentine's delivered in. Send it to school on February 11th or 12th.

***Please sign up on the SignUpGenius to volunteer at the Valentine Party

We will have our last PTA sponsored party on Friday, February 12th at 2:00. Your child is to bring a Valentine card for each person in our classroom. We have 19 children.





















Field Trip

Our kindergarten field trip will be on March 7th. We are going to the Sea Life Aquarium and Kaleidoscope. We can only take a given amount of volunteers, usually 3 or 4. Our volunteers must be screened by the district to attend. It is a simple procedure but does take a week to be approved. If you would like to be in the drawing to attend the field trip please contact the office and they will give you the required paperwork.

New Journal

Many of the students have filled their journal (spiral notebook) Please ask your child if theirs is full and if so, you may want to purchase them a new one. Thank you for your help with this.

Dates to Remember:

  • February 11: Early Release
  • February 12: 2:00, Valentine Party
  • February 15: No School President's Day
  • March 3: Kindergarten Musical
  • March 10: Early Release
  • March 18: No School Teacher Work Day
  • March 21-25: No School; Spring Break
  • April 14: Early Release

Specials Schedule: February 8-12

A Day -Art, B and D Day-Music and PE, C Day-Library

  • Monday: B
  • Tuesday: C
  • Wednesday: D
  • Thursday: A
  • Friday: B