By: Caitlin Bucksbaum

Daily Life and Schooling

~Daily Life for men/women~

  • The women taught the girls or their daughters to be a house wife at home (a.k.a. cooking, sewing, how to run a home ect.)
  • The men were schooled in arts, poetry, math, science and other things.


(For boys)

  • Boys had better schooling then girls
They went to school at a young age and learning was of upmost importance, they learned reading,writing,phycical education and more

(For girls)

  • The girls stayed at home as I said, and leaned to be mothers for the future mothers
They mothers taught them basics like cooking and sewing, with other skills they might need

Religion and Language


  • A pagan religion that worshiped some of the many Greek gods, but the most important one to them was Athena


  • The language that the Athens spoke was Ionic, it was the first literary language of ancient Greek

Culinary Dishes and Food

~Food/Culinary Dishes~

  • It was simple food,
  • Since they had the sea close by, a main food source for them was sea food or fish
  • They had many grapes so wine was made in tons
  • They had meat but fish was the most eaten
  • Cheese,milk and other simple foods

Geography/Climate and Government

  • Athens is in Attica
  • There are mountains surrounding it
  • It has a river running through it


  • The weather was warm and very hot most of the year
  • Temperatures were never higher then 100F but never lower then 75F


  • They had the first democracy (Athenian Democracy)
  • For it to be fair they randomly selected 500 people to serve for one year, they had to make new laws, changes laws and other things to help Athens
  • You could only vote if you were a citizen of Athens, so women and men could vote but slaves could do nothing

Important buildings/places

~Important Building/Places~
  • There is a lot of buildings in Athens that are important but the most famous are the Parthenon and Acropolis
  • The Parthenon is a temple that was dedicated to the goddess Athena
  • Acropolis is actually a complex of buildings all together on a high point of Athens



  • Most of their battles were with Persia and made the Persian War, which is their most famous war

~The battle of Marathon is one of the most known ones~

  • They were versing the Persians
  • Athens won by a landslide even with a little help
  • The death toll was around 192 Athenians, and 6400 Persians!

Five Interesting Facts

~Five facts~

  • It's where theater originates from!
  • It hosted the first Olympic Games
  • The oldest square in Athens is Omonia Square
  • Is one of the main places for archaeological research
  • The statue of Athena in the Pantheon was made of gold and ivory