Who Done it???



My focus is about WHO DONE IT? I chose this topic, because it's like a mystery and will have you at the edge of your seat at all time. I would recommend these types of book for 7th through 9th grader. I chose each book, because they always had me at wanting to read more to see what happens next and wanting to know who done it and why they did it.


Delany Maxwell was dead for 11 minutes. Trying to figure out how dead people are attacted to her . While doing that she trying to keep Decker in her life.


A boy named Paul Baum who is trying not to become like his father but does by cheating on his girlfriend with a girl named Mary. Afterwards Mary came up missing and nobody knows where she went and Paul thinks he's resresponsible for mary coming up missing. When he tries to finds her, his friends get hurt, his girlfriend gets hurt and everybody he knows gets hurt in a way.


These books all have something to do with someone dieing. It'll be good for someone who likes when there's a lot of drama in these books have to do with relationship. I'm looking to read more books like these and some kind about abusive relationship like The Achemy of Forever by Avery Williams I read the summary of the book and it sound good.