By Janae Spencer; English Period 7


The thesis of the documentary is that despite the pass you should never give up your dreams.

Defining The Purpose

The purpose of the film is that to be undefeated is not about how its shown on the outside but in the inside that really matters and to not let the pass determine your future. Showing hard work and dedication and staying strong show how undefeated the team was even after they lost the final game. Support from others and the confidence in your self keeps you going, not the scores of games.

"Its not what happens to you, but how you react that matters"


The film gave so many messages to its viewers and that's what I loved about the movie. It actually made me rethink about my life in general to never give up on something that I really want to achieve in life. The coach and the team all changed positively throughout the movie from the help and support from each other and their families, and those two things is most important to me, support and family